Tomorrow is release day!

Friday 4/29/2016 my new cd, "No Turning Back" comes out. I hope you get a copy and enjoy it.


I am excited about the new cd, but there is a part of me that is feeling something all together different. I am still very sad about the loss of my brother and the release of the cd kind of stirs it all up. Jeromy was my biggest supporter. We wrote together all the time. Countless songs that I plan to record, and songs that will never see the light of day. Any bit of musical talent or drive or passion comes directly from him. He taught me about good music. He introduced me to practically every artist i listen to. He took me to Gruene Hall for the first time to see Todd Snider. His love of music was apparent to anyone who knew him. 

I have put out 2 cds before "No Turning Back." and Jeromy sang on both of them. He could harmonize with me like nobody else can or probably ever will. He was a better singer and songwriter than me by a long shot, but he never persued it too much. He was happy playing little weekly gigs or song swaps when the opportunity arose.  He didn't sing on the new one. The timing didnt work out to where he could make it to the studio. I did include a song we wrote together called "waiting on your turn to talk" and I am glad that I included it. Ill probably never record a cd that doesnt have one of his songs, or a cowrite with him on it. 

So I face tomorrow with equal parts excitement and anxiousness. Its gonna be a tough day. I will want to call him and text him all day to either share something exciting that happened or complain about some menial thing that doesnt really matter. 


This cd is dedicated to my brother Jeromy. I miss him so incredibly much.  Any sucess I have in the music world is dedicated to him. He wanted it for me as bad as I do. He told me many times. I never dreamed i'd have to chase it without him cheering me on.