The Great Zac Wilkerson

Im a bit of a music snob. Or im picky. I guess its not that my tastes are necessarily refined or anything like that, i'm just not easy to please when it comes to music. Even stuff that people who have very similar taste as me enjoy, i dont care for. There are even some of the "legends" of the scene that i think are down right awful. But what do i know? I think we can all agree, not much over all, and even less about music. But i DO KNOW what i like.  Thats the purpose of this post. 

Theres an album that i feel like if i didnt spread the word about it,  i would be doing a disservice to you, my friend/family/fan/ or random stranger looking for something else but ended up on my site. 


My pick for album of the year, the new self titled Zac Wilkerson album. Before i go into the album, let me tell you about the first time i played a show with Zac.

I met Zac at an Adam Hood show. He was there with my good friend and cowriting pard, Courtney Patton. We hit it off and agreed to play a show together some time. A few weeks later the opportunity came up where he was looking for an acoustic gig and i had one i could split with him, songswap style. 

I play the first song, and then it was Zac's turn.

Now i have played a LOT of songswaps. A LOT. With a wide wide range of talent. From the unknown (me) to the very well known. Ive played lots of em, and ive never felt out matched. Ive always felt like, even though i might not be as popular or even as talented as whomever i was swapping with, it was never too far fetched that i was sharing the stage with them. 

I would guess that somewhere about 5 seconds into Zac's first song i immediately knew, i have no business being on stage with this guy. I shouldve played a couple songs and gotten right out of the way. Hes incredible. Hes studied music his whole life. He has an incredibly Soulful voice with a huge range. His guitar playing is impecible. I was blown away. 

Now when i say he had Soul, what i dont mean is he had "soul." The difference is, Soul is real, and "soul" is what you hear a lot of on Tx music radio. "soul" is what happens  when someone wants to sound like the have Soul, so they hold onto notes a little too long, and throw a bunch of "yeah yeah yeah wow!" in their songs. Soul might have those things too, but it also makes you feel like just maybe the person has lived whatever is happening in the song. 

Zac Wilkerson has Soul. 

On went the night. Me playing my painfully inadaquate songs,  and Zac blowing me out of the water, song after song. Its not his fault. Its what he does. And its not a contest. (thank goodness!)

A few months later Zac lets it be known hes going into the studio. Not only that THE Walt Wilkins is producing. Holy cow. I cant wait (is what i said at the time)

Fast forward:Zac sends me his new cd. Its incredible. The groove on the first songs pulls you in and the rest of the cd doesnt let you go. I dont know enough adjectives to describe how good this cd is. It hasnt left my cd player since i got it. Now its available for you to be enthralled by. Do yourself a huge favor and go buy it. You will not be disappointed. 

Favorites are : Middle of the Night and Muddy Waters






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